• Why Do Parents Pick All-Boys Catholic High Schools For Their Sons?

    Many Christian parents have educational opportunities to offer their kids. First and foremost, parents must decide between sending their sons to private or public schools. If parents decide to send their boys to private school, they'll also have to select a type of private institution. All-boys Catholic schools are an excellent choice for young Christian men. The following are some reasons that parents choose to send their boys to all-boys Catholic high schools:
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  • Have an Honor Society High Schooler? 3 Ways They May Benefit From Private Schooling

    Having a kid who is in the honor society can feel like a real claim to fame, but before you go on gloating about them on Facebook, it may be time to think more about their future. While public schooling has many benefits that can help your child get into college, if your child is already on the honor roll, you may want to send them to a private school instead.
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