Why Do Parents Pick All-Boys Catholic High Schools For Their Sons?

Posted on: 23 June 2021

Many Christian parents have educational opportunities to offer their kids. First and foremost, parents must decide between sending their sons to private or public schools. If parents decide to send their boys to private school, they'll also have to select a type of private institution. All-boys Catholic schools are an excellent choice for young Christian men. The following are some reasons that parents choose to send their boys to all-boys Catholic high schools:

1. They want boys to have the freedom to be boys.

Adolescence is a formative time for all young men. Teenage boys are in the process of leaving childhood behind while growing into the men they will someday become. Boyhood and manhood are special experiences that should be celebrated. Healthy masculinity should be encouraged and cultivated, which is what will happen at an all-boys private high school. All-boys schools understand that boys are unique in many ways. Boys are high-spirited and full of curiosity and vigor. An all-boys school will celebrate these traits with curricula and environments designed to play to the strengths of young men.

2. They want boys to focus on their studies.

Teenagers often have a taste for adventure. They'd often rather spend time with friends or members of the opposite sex than focusing on their schoolwork. Fortunately, all-boys high schools can help by removing distractions from boys' school days. Single-sex schools remove the temptation of focusing on girls to the exclusion of other things, which means boys can instead focus on learning and growing as individuals.

3. They want boys to be prepared for college.

A college degree can help people earn better salaries and gain entry into competitive fields. However, attaining a college degree can be difficult, especially for students who are underprepared. All-boys private high schools strive to prepare young men for their journey through college. Boys will learn crucial subjects during their time at high school, building the foundation for later knowledge that will be gained in university.

4. They want a school that will educate their son in the particulars of the Catholic faith.

Christianity is a wide umbrella that covers many sects, from Orthodox practitioners to Protestant Christians. That said, all-boys Catholic schools will not only give your child a Christian education, but they will also give your child a particularly Catholic education. Catholic schools will educate students on the laws and customs of the church, which can help young Catholic men understand and appreciate their faith.

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