Unique Activities For Your Catholic School Art Program

Posted on: 17 October 2022

When faced with difficult decisions, art programs in the past often ended up unfunded. Luckily, school leaders fought against cutting art programs, bringing access to art programs up to 97% of where it was seven years ago. With schools fighting for their art programs, teachers need to come up with new projects. Try these unique activities for your Catholic School art program.

Explore a Catholic Art Exhibit 

Christianity inspired some of the most awesome paintings and sculptures throughout history, especially during the Renaissance. Leonardo DaVinci, Michaelangelo, and Raphael all used religious imagery in their most popular paintings.

Take your art class to an art exhibit featuring religious pieces or artwork from the Renaissance. They will get the chance to see how the Renaissance shaped the way certain people and images from the Bible are pictured. Most of these paintings involved extreme amounts of detail and skill, serving as a more challenging quality standard than many modern and impressionist artists.    

Create a Stained Glass Window 

When people think of Catholic churches, they think of stained glass windows. Search online for kits that allow students to make their own stained glass windows. This unique project teaches students a new skill outside of drawing and painting, opening students' minds to alternative art mediums. 

Hang the collection of stained glass projects by a large window to see the sun shine through them so that students can take in the complete aesthetic before allowing students to take their art home.

Build a Wooden Table or Chair 

Students can embrace their inner carpenter in the woodshop by making a table or chair. Encourage students to incorporate personal style into their designs, whether that means adding ornate decorations in the wood or creating an unusual shape. After the woodworking part is done, give students the option to add paint. 

Draw or Paint Heaven 

Heaven looks different for everyone. Students can use their imagination. Challenge students to draw or paint heaven. The artists will need to use their imagination to build their personal heaven. Then, they will need to use their art skills to execute the image they see in their head. It will be interesting to see how each student's picture of heaven looks similar or different from the others. 

These are only a couple of ideas for your Catholic school art program. Keep collecting ideas. The students will let you know what projects inspire them the most.