4 Reasons To Send Your Child To A Catholic High School

Posted on: 17 November 2020

Sending your child to a private school is an investment in their future. Once you know that you'd like a private school education for your child, you'll need to choose the right school. Catholic high schools offer numerous benefits on academic and spiritual levels. Christian teens can thrive in a parochial school. Here are some reasons to send your child to a Catholic high school:

1. Prepare your child for college.

Many parents hope that their children choose to continue their education after high school ends. A college degree can further your child's education, molding them into well-rounded adults who are ready to enter the workforce. Top colleges offer rigorous academic programs that may be difficult for kids who are unprepared. However, a Catholic high school education will get your child ready for the university experience. Catholic high schools offer excellent college preparatory courses. Your child will learn math, science, and English language arts. They will have the opportunity to study for the SAT, which can dramatically improve their scores.

2. Give your child a foundation of Biblical knowledge.

At a Catholic high school, your child will attend religious education classes. These classes will allow your child to learn some of the great stories the Bible has to offer. Your child will reap the benefit of religious instructors who can help them unravel the mysteries and wisdom of the Bible. No matter how your child religiously identifies in the future, a solid foundation of Biblical knowledge can benefit them. Christian symbolism is referenced in many great works of art and literature, and Biblical literacy will help your child become culturally savvy.

3. Allow your child to experience a single-sex education.

Catholic high schools are private schools, which can set the terms of their services more freely than comparable public schools. Many Catholic high schools offer single-sex education, which means all-boys and all-girls schools. Single-sex education can be a boon for teens since adolescence is a time of change. Single-sex education offers fewer distractions, and your child will be better able to focus on their studies.

4. Encourage your child to form strong social bonds.

Your child can make lifelong friends in a Catholic school. Catholic schools admit children of every race and social status, which means your teenager will have the chance to socialize with a diverse group of people. Diversity can encourage your child to keep an open mind and become more understanding and tolerant.