Attending A Christian Learning Center For Free? How You Can Accomplish This

Posted on: 26 February 2018

A lot of parents are turning to religious schools for their children these days. The cramped and overflowing classrooms of public school, social problems in public schools, and the questionable safety in public schools are some of the major reasons parents are enrolling their children in parochial schools. If you have thought of doing the same, but the price tag of learning in a religious school is more than you can afford, you are not alone. Yet, in many states, there are dozens of religious schools and learning centers that can offer children a free education. Here is how you can accomplish and receive the same for your child.

The School Voucher Program

The school voucher program is a government-backed program that allows you to apply to any school outside your own school district. The schools to which you apply for enrollment must accept the school vouchers given by the government. Surprisingly, most of the schools that accept the vouchers are religious or parochial schools, and some charter schools. This is especially helpful for any parent that would like to enroll his/her children in a religious school, but cannot afford the tuition otherwise. 

You will have to contact the schools that interest you most and ask the office staff if they accept the voucher program in your state. If they do, you can apply to these schools for a transfer from public school, and request an enrollment packet for the voucher program. It is best to fill out all of this paperwork during the earliest possible enrollment date for the following school year, as vouchers and enrollment are based on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have a special needs child, it is imperative that you apply as early as possible, as the special needs spots in Christian learning centers fill up a lot faster than they do in public schools. (Special needs programs have limited enrollment and operate differently in religious schools.) If you are successful, your child's education is completely paid for under the voucher program.

On Scholarship

If you have a student who is a star "mathlete," athlete, or has been on the winning team in some other extracurricular activity, you may be offered a scholarship to attend a religious school. This type of scholarship offers a "free ride" to your student, with the requirement that he/she join the team on which he/she has previously excelled. This does not happen often, but if your child qualifies, it is a secondary option to consider.

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